Home Remedies For Overactive Bladder

Have you ever found yourself worried about making it to the rest room in time? You’re not alone a large number of people actually suffer from over active bladders but never really talk about it. This can be something very disturbing and embarrassing; not only does it constantly make you worry but it can actually disrupt the your daily schedule.

Taking medication for an overactive bladder may not be the best solution yet, most especially since they carry side effects. These side effects range from a simple dry mouth to hypertension. This is one reason why many folks have opted to try home remedies instead, like:

Keeping a diary- this can also be called a voiding diary or uro-log. By keeping track of the times that you need to relieve yourself or when accidents happen, you will be able to establish a pattern and see when the best time would be to empty your bladder before it’s too late.

Losing weight- this is quite simple to explain, by losing weight you put less pressure on the bladder easing urge to relieve yourself.

No to smoking- by not smoking you are able to remove a bladder irritant- nicotine. Some smokers may also experience cough which can be a reason for accidents or spills.

Protect yourself- there are a number of products in the market that are made especially for those with overactive bladders. They help protect you from wetness during spills and leaks. There are also devices that can be purchased which can be used in cars or on trips.

Empty your bladder- make sure that you make a trip to the rest room before you leave the house to relieve yourself. When doing this, you can also “go again” by standing up, sitting down and leaning forward to squeeze the bladder to empty it completely. Kegel exercises may also help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Another natural remedy

All these home remedies for overactive bladders mentioned earlier may work but not completely. This is one reason why those who do not want to deal with side effects yet want to cure this problem turn to natural pill systems like Flotrol. This herbal pill is made from pumpkin seed extracts and soybean germ extracts. Both these ingredients work towards strengthening the muscles that surround the bladder.

This has been proven effective with no adverse side effects. Studies show that results can be seen with as early as the first week of use and further improvement with continued use. Try this pill treatment with your home remedies and see what it can do for you.